Baking Soda Multiple Uses


I do not use environmental harming chemicals at home anymore. I use baking soda instead for a LOT of things. Check out this channel which shows it all in a cool way
The other things I use baking soda for apart from the videos shown above are:
1. Clean my ear rings. Just add pinch of baking soda to a bowl of water and leave your ear rings in the bowl overnight. By morning the dirt will be off the ear rings.
2. Clean my mixie jar stains and greasy oil lamps. Just add handful of baking soda to a tub of water and immerse your utensils, lamps whatever in the solution overnight. In the morning just use an old toothbrush to make it clean. Don’t worry you do not have to spend too much energy or time cleaning them which you would otherwise. Just a quick brushing is enough. And your utensils, oil lamps will be spotless clean.
3. Clean stains on wooden tables. Rub some baking soda (+ some vinegar if you have it) with few drops of water and leave overnight. Wipe in the morning with damp cloth.
4. Clean stains on clothes. Rub some baking soda with few drops of water and leave overnight. Wash just the stain part in the morning or just put the clothes in the laundry as usual.
5. Sprinkle some baking soda in your kitchen dustbin if it is smelly. It absorbs bad smells pretty quickly.
6. Once my neighbors cat poo’d on my carpet. I used baking soda to get rid of the smell.
7. I make toothpaste with it . Baking soda + any dry herb/spice like clove, cinnamon, mint, basil + bit of salt coconut oil
8. To mop the floor. Add handful of baking soda + your favorite essential oil for a nice aroma and to keep bugs off your house in a bucket of water and mop the floor!

If you know any other uses please share it here.

Oil Pulling

I wanted to share about Oil Pulling which I recently came to know about. I went to the dentist for yearly dental cleanup and she said my wisdom tooth has cavities and since my brush cannot reach there as my jaw is too narrow it is better to take it out.  As I follow acupressure for self I know that each tooth is connected to a meridian. So I decided to check for some alternative therapies for dental issues and I found about oil pulling, which is basically taking a tea spoon of organic cold pressed sesame/olive/coconut/sunflower/ oil and doing a swishing or pulling in the mouth for 20 minutes before brushing the teeth every morning.

Since around 2 months I and some of my friends abroad are doing OP.  The benefits we have got until now are : Cavities healing slowly, no more headaches, skin disease healed, no more bad mouth odor, no more bad body odor, blackened gums turning pink again, no more cold or hot sensitivity at some gums.

If you are interested to try it out please go through below article :

Also please note that some people experience healing crisis / detox symptoms for first few days of doing Oil pulling like fever, headache, skin rashes. Please do not stop doing Oil pulling though. After 3-5 days the symptoms will vanish.

And if you start doing it and have something to share you can share your results at

Please note that we do not gargle but swish the oil. Here is a video .