Fenugreek/Τριγονελλα recipes

Widely used in many recipes in India.Very easy to grow even in pots or just aluminum foil boxes.

Nutrition: Very good source of Iron,Vitamin K, Protein.Raw juice controls insulin and so is advised for diabetics.Has lots of fiber and is advised for constipation.High in nicotinic acid and promotes hair growth. The seed paste is also applied on scalp to treat dandruff traditionally in India.

1. With rice : Stir fry a bunch of Trigonella leaves. To this add 1 cup washed rice(preferably basmati white) and stir fry. After 3 minutes add salt to taste, roasted garlic few pieces, 1.5 cups of water and let it cook until done.Optional ingredients are potatoes, green chillies, onions, tomatoes and roasted cumin seeds. Coconut oil and butter will give this rice more flavor.

2. With potatoes : Steam/Cook in a non-stick pan with lid covered. 2 big potatoes and a big bunch of Trigonella leaves.Add salt,oil and spices of your choice. Serve with bread.

3. Cutlets : Add raw chopped leaves to mashed potatoes and make cutlets by making small flat rounds and roasting.

4. In soups : Cook along with lentils of your choice.

5. Curry Recipes: 1) Steam cook and add roasted groundnut powder, salt, oil. 2) Stir fry with soaked split Moong lentils and add oil,salt to taste.

6. Stuffed bread: Traditionally flat stuffed bread is made with these leaves in India. The same way it can be mixed in Greek bread dough and baked. Also can be used as stuffing in Pita bread like spinach is used .

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